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Decayed or chipped teeth can often be repaired with white composite fillings that look natural, however if the damage is too substantial, particularly on the back teeth, then an inlay or onlay would be recommended. Inlays or onlays can be made from a number of strong materials such as metals or ceramics.

An inlay is made to replace the chewing surface of a back tooth. This area is quite vulnerable to decay as the chewing surfaces of teeth containing lots of tiny fissures and grooves that can easily trap food and plaque bacteria, increasing the risk of cavities developing. An onlay will also replace the chewing surface, as well as one or more of the cusps. A tooth cusp is one of the raised points that you can see on the outer and inner edges of the tooth. Cusps help to guide the tooth movement while chewing, but can easily become chipped or cracked, or can be destroyed due to tooth decay.

At Dentiq our team is skilled in creating tooth restorations that look natural and function like real teeth. First your tooth will be prepared before taking an impression to send to the dental laboratory. You will be fitted with temporary filling in your tooth until the permanent inlay or onlay is ready to fit.

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