Multiple Teeth Implants in Eastbourne, East Sussex

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If you are missing multiple teeth in your upper or lower jaw, dental implants can provide a clinically proven, stable and permanent solution. Artificial teeth are surgically fixed into the jaw to retain healthy bone growth in the jaw and circumvent the discomfort and inconvenience of dentures or gaps.

Multiple dental implants can be placed using just a single titanium implant screw, or 'abutment', supporting a bridge of up to four teeth.

The artificial tooth prosthesis will be manufactured to perfectly match the colour and shape of your natural teeth using ceramics and the latest lab technologies. Upon completion, you will have an attractive and authentic smile that also functions as real teeth would, so you can continue bite and chew normally.

Your suitability for implant treatment will be assessed by a thorough check-up with your dentist, often with the use of precision technology such as 3D x-rays and photographs. If there is insufficient bone density for an implant, a bone graft or sinus lift may be required in order to create a solid foundation for the metal abutment.

When the abutment has been placed, usually a temporary bridge will be secured during a healing process over a period of months before the final, permanent prostheses are fixed in place and your smile is restored to its natural radiance.

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